Executive Coaching Using Behavioral Profiles

At ELY Enterprises we use numerous Human Resource instruments to coach employees.  Coaching enables Managers to use the best techniques to communicate, motivate, delegate, and bring out the best in employees and teams.  A skillful Manager uses coaching techniques to empower employees to reach their fullest potential.  By building on a person's strengths and helping them recognize their weaknesses, coaching can get individuals to break counterproductive habits.  Managers learn how to encourage employees to set and achieve new goals.
  • The DiSC Behavioral profile clarifies individual work styles, how these styles effect job performance and how Employee-Manager relationships affect production and goal achievement.
  • The DiSC profile is the most widely used behavioral instrument in the USA.  It is used by thousands of organizations to hire, coach and develop effective and efficient employees.
  • Once the attitudes that drive team members into action are uncovered, Managers will immediately be able to recognize the roots of conflict or cooperation and focus on the reasons certain jobs do or do not "fit"certain employees. 
  • Individuals can use this tool to assist them in identifying what career path best suites their behavioral type.