ELY Enterprises History

ELY Enterprises has been a work in progress since Ellen's first paid speaking engagement at a Rotary Club.  From her first job and throughout her ten years on Wall Street, Ellen knew she wanted to have her own business. 

The first incarnation of Ellen's business was called ELY Seminars and lasted from 1994 - 2001.  Shortly after her father had passed on, Ellen chose to stay near her Mother in Florida and decided to officially hang out her shingle to do training and speaking.  Her content was based on the tremendous education she had gotten while she was a Personnel Manager for the Royal Bank of Canada in New York City.

After losing her mother to cancer, Ellen decided to accept a position as Senior Organizational Development Consultant for Cornell University.  There she continued to use her material from ELY Seminars and broadened her scope in Organizational Development, serving 25,000 Cornell staff members.

Eventually, Ellen took some time off and spent 1.5 years in Africa.  Even there, Ellen was teaching and sharing on a daily basis.  Upon her return from Nigeria, Ellen settled in the Philadelphia area.  She revived  ELY Seminars, extended the company's services and began conducting woman's retreats.  Ellen expanded her team to include 12 facilitators!

At this time, nearly 15 years later, ELY Enterprises expanded it's offerings beyond training and development.  Ellen and her team have served over 100,000 participants throughout the United States and abroad.  Our core services are speeches, retreats, coaching and consulting in many industries including re-hab clinics and hospitals, government agencies, corporations, non-profit organizations, the health care industry and more.
Ellen Ely, President
ELY Enterprises

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