Sample Customer Care Programs

Re-Tool Your Medical Office

This workshop will teach you how to enhance your patients' satisfaction and increase your bottom line.  By implementing techniques that have proven successful in corporate America, you will gain greater respect and loyalty from your patients and release inter-office tensions.  The re-tooling process is done by Ellen Ely and Shawn Kershaw.  By drawing upon their diverse strengths, they combine a 'left brain and right brain' approach to "re-tool" office challenges.  The benefits of re-tooling consist of:

  • Cost savings due to less duplication of effort
  • Loyal patients who refer friends and family
  • Respect and appreciation for physicians and staff
  • Motivated and committed employees
  • Smoother work flow resulting in faster patient services
  • Necessary information and equipment located quickly
  • Less waste from redundant and unnecessary purchases
  • Dramatic reduction in stress and negativity
Outstanding Customer Responsiveness

The objective of this program is to ensure team members are able to provide successful and timely responses to customer's needs.  Some topics covered will include:

  • Relationships are the glue!
  • What are your customer's expectations of responsiveness?
  • Obstacles to responsiveness - ineffective systems, unclear communication, poor time management.
  • Common customer's concerns and reactions.
  • The power of asking open-ended questions.
  • Why "I" statements work like magic.
Additional Customer Care Programs we offer include:

  • Dealing with Challenging Customer Personalities
  • The Art of the Apology
  • Knowing How to "Read" Your Customers' Personality Type
  • The Importance of HR in Your Business

Please email us if you would like additional information on any of the above programs.