Sample Diversity Program Offerings

Strengthening Intercultural Relationships

This intercultural workshop will raise awareness of the financial and human costs of cultural misunderstandings.  These misunderstandings stem from perceptions and communication differences.  If you have a successful organization, which blends cultures, you can move to an even higher level by utilizing tools and open dialogue regarding strengths and differences. 

Through clear and direct commun-ications, we can decrease workplace mistakes, employee conflict, excessive work-hours, etc.  By focusing on enhancing our relationships skills in order to motivate the entire workforce, productivity will increase.
Additional Diversity Programs we offer include:

  • Celebrating Our Differences
  • Coaching Techniques that Bring Out the Best in People
  • Meeting the Demands of Managing a Diverse Workforce
  • Dealing with Resentment and Anger
  • Gender Confusion:  What DO Women/Men WANT?
  • Motivating the Hispanic Workforce
  • International Customs and Business Etiquette
  • Expanding Your Market Base through Diversity Awareness
  • Recruiting and Retaining a Move Representative Employee Population
  • Constructing Online Diversity Awareness Programs
  • Diversity Interventions:  Resolving Conflict - (Re) Building Cooperation

Please email us if you would like additional information on any of the above programs.