Sample Productivity Program Offerings

Work Smarter, Not Harder

So many people believe the answer to productivity is to work harder.  This belief generally leads to more stress, feelings of being overwhelmed, and becoming more forgetful or nervous. 

Enhancing efficiency requires working smart and making good decisions while implementing time saving tools.  Ask yourself; what are your major time wasters?  Do you prioritize your day, week, month?  How well do you PLAN?  Are your instructions clear?  Do you use prime time or procrastinate?
Boards Teams Working in Harmony

Board meetings can be a pleasant or painful experience, depending on how well the Board is "trained."  In this workshop we discuss the most rewarding, challenging and annoying aspects of being on a Board. 

We look at team dynamics and learn specific communication techniques  to handle conflict, deadlocks or passivity.  The importance of perceptions, respect and verbal clarity are explored.  We investigate the various communications styles of Board members, decision making and ways to hold Board member's accountable.
Making Meetings Work

A well-run meeting can be one of the most effective means of communication in an organization.  One idea will stimulate others, which can generate new growth.  All aspects of an issue can be examined and decisions made.

Productive meetings save the organi-zation time and money, poorly organized meetings are a financial and emotional drain and actually do more harm than good. This workshop will address the essential components of meeting maintenance; the types of meetings, how to set agendas, ways to include all group members and how to handle disturbances.
Additional Productivity Programs we offer include:

  • Time Management is Mind Management
  • Your Morning Sets the Tone
  • Being Late is a Decision
  • Intercultural Differences and Time Management

Please email us if you would like additional information on any of the above programs.