Sample Sales Program Offerings

Networking Know How!

In these economic times, networking may be one of the most important skills a professional can possess.  Networking is not about being a "smooth talker,"  it is about knowing how to genuinely connect with people.  It is about being more concerned about what you can give than what you can get.  Ellen Ely has built two companies, addressed over 100,000 participants and has never made a cold call.  All of her business growth has resulted from referrals and effective networking.  Tips you will gain:

  • Be early, network from the door
  • Get names RIGHT!
  • Wear a "networking uniform"
  • Look for lost souls
  • Use unique openers
  • Continuously listen
  • Ask who, what, when, where & how
Keys to Solid Sales and Business Relationships

Many huge business deals are closed more because of the relationship with the customer than with the quality of service.  By developing relationship building skills, you can recognize things that will bring you closer to any customer. We will  help you understand the "Art of Networking" and how to hook new prospects the first time you meet.
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