Sample Team Building Program Offerings

Team Leadership

The goal of this program is to instill trust and confidence in your team's interpersonal skills.  The tools needed to motivate, discipline and lead teams to service excellence are provided.  The benefits participants will gain consist of:

  • Creating a "can do" atmosphere
  • Reinforcing their knowledge of the organization's values
  • Inspiring team members to achieve their personal best
  • Improving listening and communicating skills
  • Delivering clear, motivational or corrective feedback
  • Delegating effectively with full comprehension
  • Handling difficult situations with confidence and poise
  • Setting and monitoring daily and weekly goals
Promoting A Team Atmosphere

The energy of teams revolves in cycles and any change in team dynamics can cause disruptions.  Keys to managing and maintaining
a team atmosphere are openness, fairness, and recognition. 

The twelve essential characteristics of teams will be explained by our Management Consultants.  We will explore how to improve or enhance all of these characteristics.  ELY Enterprises also offers team building adventures such as white water rating, "zip line" canopy tours, etc.  For more information see our "Retreats" section.
Please email us if you would like additional information on any of the above programs.